TECNORIVA can directly carry out the installation of new turbogroups on site; the main phases of installation that come continuations from we normally are following:

  • Verification c/o the turbogroup supplier that how much sent corresponds in order supply
  • Verification in place of the correspondence to the plan of the realized civil works.
  • Temporal programming of installation phases in agreement with the yard plans
  • Attendance to dropping phase and putting in place of the members the supply
  • Placing condenser
  • Prealignment and final turbogroup alignment
  • Flushing pipages oil lubrication
  • Attendance to the blowing steam pipages
  • Attendance to the starter
  • Attendance to the phases of verification of turbogroup performances

On existing machines object of up-grading, TECNORIVA directly executes also all the phases of installation of those members who constitute the planned modification (see viradore installation, substitution of the oleodinamica regulation of the turbine with electronic control, ecc…)